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Arduino Displays Cheat Sheet

This handy reference guide is essential for quickly connecting various displays including 4-Digit 7-Segment (TM1637), 16×2 Character LCD (1602), OLED (SSD1306), 1.8″ TFT (ST7735S), and 4 in 1 Dot LED Matrix (MAX7219).

Arduino LEDs Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet offers quick guidance on various LEDs: Standard LEDs, RGB LEDs, WS2812 LED Strips, MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix, and LD24AJTA LED Driver for Power LEDs.

Arduino Temperature Sensors Cheat Sheet

This handy reference guide is essential for enthusiasts working with DHT11 / DHT22, DS18B20, LM35 / TMP36, BMP180 / BMP085, BME280 temperature sensors.




Programming the ESP32-CAM

In this article you will learn how the programming of the ESP32-CAM development board. With examples on how to test the camera and SD card.

Control Air-Conditioner via IR with ESP32 or ESP8266

Control IR Aircon with ESP32 or ESP8266

Control your Air-Conditioner via infrared (IR) signals with ESP32 or ESP8266. Step-by-step guide to automate your cooling system.

More Inputs With 74HC165 Shift Register

This tutorial will give you more inputs for your microcontroller using the 74HC165 Shift Register. With wiring diagrams and code examples.