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Arduino Displays Cheat Sheet

This handy reference guide is essential for quickly connecting various displays including 4-Digit 7-Segment (TM1637), 16×2 Character LCD (1602), OLED (SSD1306), 1.8″ TFT (ST7735S), and 4 in 1 Dot LED Matrix (MAX7219).

Arduino LEDs Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet offers quick guidance on various LEDs: Standard LEDs, RGB LEDs, WS2812 LED Strips, MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix, and LD24AJTA LED Driver for Power LEDs.

Arduino Temperature Sensors Cheat Sheet

This handy reference guide is essential for enthusiasts working with DHT11 / DHT22, DS18B20, LM35 / TMP36, BMP180 / BMP085, BME280 temperature sensors.




Game of Life on a Dot Matrix Display

Game of Life in a Cube

Learn how to implement the Game of Life on an 8×8 LED Dot Matrix Display to build an iconic Game of Life in a Cube that runs the glider pattern.

How to Build a Motion Activated Night Light

Motion activated night light in skull

Learn how to build a motion-activated, battery-powered, night light using an ESP32 lite and a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor. All housed in a great looking skull.

More Arduino Outputs With 74HC595 Shift Register

Learn how to use the 74HC595 Shift Register to increase the number of outputs of your Arduino to as many as you like.